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Holding Kazan International Linguistic Summit “Contemporary linguistics: Theory and Practice” in a virtual format is a unique opportunity to present, discuss and promote the research results of leading Russian and foreign scientists in the area of linguistics and language education.

The success of the Summit will depend on our joint efforts, the ability to create a common productive and interactive academic space.


For online events in high definition, the KILS-2022 team uses the Microsoft Teams platform – an enterprise platform that combines chat, meetings, notes and attachments in the workspace.


All registered participants of the Summit (Russian and International) must download Microsoft Teams to their computer (laptop, smartphone). You can download it here.


All registered participants of the Summit will be sent logins and passwords to enter the Microsoft Teams system. Further, direct participants of certain Summit events (primarily section meetings) will be invited to these events by their organizers with a special video call in the Microsoft Teams system – 10-15 minutes before the start, or  the link will redirect you to the meeting. Direct participation in the event gives the right not only to listen and watch the speakers, but also to ask them questions, participate in the discussion, etc.


Those Summit participants who are not directly involved in this event will be able to watch online the broadcast of this event in Microsoft Teams using the link that will be posted on the Summit website in the Program section, and ask questions to the speakers in the broadcast chat in writing.


To ensure a stable experience with Microsoft Teams, please read the Sign in and Get Started Guide.


If you want to learn more about the specifics of running read the guide about online meetings in Microsoft Teams.


You can also watch the Microsoft Teams tutorial video.



  • Plenary talks of key speakers (online or recorded).
  • Presentations by editors-in-chief of research journals (online or recorded).
  • Meetings of the scientific sections of the Summit (online). Communication with the participants of the sectional session is carried out orally during an online discussion under the guidance of the section moderator.
  • Participants in the broadcast of Summit events (plenary talks, speeches by editors-in-chief of research journals, meetings of sections) can ask questions in writing to the speakers in the broadcast chat.
  • All plenary talks and presentations by editors-in-chief of research journals will be recorded and posted on the Summit website.
  • All meetings of the sections of the Summit will also be recorded and posted in Microsoft Teams.
  • Academic interaction with other participants in the summit will be organized from 14 to 16 November 2022 on the KILS-2022 registration platform (Lomonosov) and on the Microsoft Teams platform.
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3 June 2022
Registration for the Kazan International Linguistic Summit “Contemporary linguistics: theory and practice” (KILS-2022) has begun!

The main directions of the Summit:

  1. Computational and corpus linguistics
  2. PaleoRussian Studies and Digital Humanities
  3. Cognitive linguistics
  4. Clinical and neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics
  5. Traditional linguistics and its digital transformation
  6. Language means of artistic expression in a literary text
  7. Russian language: traditions and perspectives
  8. Tatar language in a multicultural world
  9. Theory and practice of language teaching
  10. Linguistic Diversity and Multilingualism in Education

The form of the event is hybrid (offline and online).

The dates are November 14-16, 2022.

The languages ​​of the Summit are English, Russian, Tatar.

Registration on the Summit website.

The registration period is from June 1 to October 15, 2022.

Participants materials (articles) uploaded by them during registration on the Summit website, will be published in the collection of Summit materials (electronic edition) and indexed in the RSCI.

At the end of the Summit, each registered participant will receive an electronic certificate of participation in the Summit.